You talkin’ to him?

You talkin' to him?

by digby

With news that the feds are looking at Michael Cohen's taxi business, Josh Marshall's reporting looks more and more prescient. (Well worth buying a TPM Prime membership if you have the cash, by the way. Lot's of great analysis there.)

Josh has been pointing out Cohen's vulnerability with respect to his big money taxi business for many months. It involves his ties to Russian emigres, Ukraine and various other shady mobsters.Today he writes:

For years, Cohen was a big operator in the NYC taxi business, a business which involves the ownership of one or more of the finite number of medallions that allows you to drive a taxi. These used to be worth more than a $1 million apiece. They’ve dropped considerably with the rise of Uber. We’ve been waiting for a year for attention to turn to Cohen’s taxi business and his business partners, especially Simon Garber, a taxi magnate who has or has had major taxi holdings in cities ranging from New York to Chicago to New Orleans to Moscow. Allegra Kirkland’s July 2017 article goes into various aspects of Cohen’s businesses, including some details on the taxi business.

Cohen is a mobster, let's face it. And he hooked up with Trump because he's one too.