You Can Be A Good American, Or You Can Be A Good Republican

But you can no longer be both.

I wrote that many years ago as part of my own version of the Seven Things so monstrous and obscene that you may never, ever, ever say them on teevee ("On Shouting Fuck".)

Let's check in and see how I did!
1. Joe Lieberman was and is a lying, warmongering weasel.

2. They don't hate us for our freedom.

3. Our democracy is a gutshot mess, and the GOP is holding gun.

4. The prime directive of our media is to scare us, flatter us and lobotomize us into giving our money to corporations in exchange for crap that makes us sick.

5. A disturbingly large number of our fellow citizens are jaw-droppingly stupid and/or intractably bigoted.

6. Genuine Christianity's worst enemies are Conservative Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians.

7. You can be a good American or you can be a good Republican, but you can no longer be both.

These define the circumference of the wholly-artificial Obscenity Perimeter the Media Villagers have invented to keep scary rabble from getting in front of a camera and making wee-wee in their mojitos.
Still true.

Still almost entirely verboten on the teevee machine.

And so it goes.

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