You Are Alone No More: Introducing 1WD TV

Today we have a really exciting news for you!

How would you like to see yourself become a better web designer with our help? Do you feel like you are left alone in this journey to become a web designer?

Do you want to see and hear how I flunked on camera and do you want to see 1WD’s new branded microphone?

Yes, you heard it right – see and hear!

We aren’t seeing you yet, but you can see us and it really feels like we are talking directly to you!

You are alone NO MORE! Oh, wait! There is much more, watch video now!

Introducing 1WD TV

Just to be sure you know it’s me, founder of 1stWebDesigner and James Richman talking in this video, you can check his articles here!

On The Journey To Becoming Web Designer

Everything started some time ago when you found out how exciting and full of opportunities the Internet is. You saw all the huge opportunities the Internet is providing, you read all those different stories of young people succeeding online and thought, “what  about me?” You sat down on your couch, your whole life ahead of you and dreamed of your very own project, of how it could conquer the world. But there was one little problem – you wanted to change, but you didn’t know how you can start out. There was no one there for you to ask for advice, nobody to care for you during your first step!

What should I learn first?

Should I start with Adobe Photoshop so I can create beautiful looking web designs? Designs which will attract other people, other designers and make them share their feedback and help me improve my web design even more?

Or maybe I should learn HTML5 and CSS3 – languages that everybody is talking and raving about? I could create my first responsive web design portfolio to show I am ahead of the competition. New clients would reach out to me, interested to utilise my skills. That would be nice start!

Oh but then there are more graphic programs, there are more programming languages, then there are many more CMS you could learn using!

One question remains – what should I learn first? How can I get started?

And when you finally make a decision, it doesn’t really get any easier. You may create your first web design, but is there anyone who is willing to give you a creative feedback?

Well, we have good news for you! You are Alone No More and we will work hard to keep our promise to you! We are willing to change, but are you ready to change with us? Are you ready to connect, socialise and help us with your feedback on what we are trying to do here? Are you ready to take this journey with us?

Are you asking why?

 I have a better question for you – why not? And why not start now?

Want to know more about what you will get out from upcoming 1WD TV videos?

I, Dainis, and James Richman tried to explain what is happening here, but we were a bit stressed so we made quite a few mistakes on the video (I was very stressed, first public video ever for me). Let me follow up here and explain one more time what we are going to cover in upcoming 1WD TV videos!

You will be able to join us on Google+ Hangout! We are using Google+ Hangout to record our videos for now in order to use the most social way possible with videos. Quality isn’t what we love, but it works! What do you think about hangouts?

What you will hear us talking about on these videos

The first thing I wanted to explain is when James mentioned we won’t be covering web design tips on the video. We will not be covering COMPLICATED web design or coding tips – few people got confused about that part! Instead you will get easy to implement, simple, yet effective web designing tips you can use when creating design. Creating design which accomplishes your or your client goals – professional visual design, better usability, better conversions, more sales, more contracts from new clients, if that’s what you want!

How can you know if you can trust our advice?

That’s a great question!

Well, we will be doing our homework, doing crazy research and we will base our advice on facts and things we have tested ourselves.

Actually, with the upcoming 1stWebDesigner redesign, we will do crazy A/B split testing, heat mapping, watch how people interact with 1stWebDesigner to see what works and what doesn’t. And with 80,000 to 90,000 daily unique visitors I think we can get great results that you will be eager to read about! And the best thing for you is that we will showcase each test in a manner that you can use to improve your own web design to reach your goals faster! We will be doing hard work, give you research results and then it will be up to you if you want to improve your web design!

Are You Excited About These Upcoming Changes?

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I hope you are as excited as we are! See you on the next video!