Yes, we’re sleeping. And it’s a nightmare

Yes, we're sleeping. And it's a nightmare

by digby

MOther Jones has published a great piece from David Corn called "While America Sleeps" evoking the famous book by John F. Kennedy:

Read the whole thing. The conclusion is ... bracing:

So as Trump prepares (yeah, right) for his sit-down with Putin—which is expected to include a private one-on-one with no aides present—much of the nation has lost sight of the big story. With Trump’s repeated cries of “witch hunt” and his lapdog Republicans slavishly concocting false narratives to cover for the boss, they have managed to convince Trump’s tribalized Fox-fed followers there is nothing to see here. And for many others, the scandal is not presented or viewed as the original sin and paramount controversy of the scandal-ridden Trump presidency.

It may be ineffective or counterproductive to shout out each day, “Where’s the outrage?” Yet the public record remains: Trump and Putin have jointly worked to disappear perhaps the greatest crime ever committed against American democracy and their respective complicity in this villainy. And it is crucial for the Republic that they not succeed.

This is happening.

Listen to Corn talk about this here: