Working Digits

Working Digits

by digby

Dear Leader and his "followers"

The oligarchical political party in question is certainly all in. Those that aren't sincerely in thrall to Trump are cynically following the advice of their Grand Vizier Grover Norquist:

That Trump is also destroying the rule of law and the part of foreign intelligence that actually secures the nation is just frosting on the cake. Clearly, they never gave a damn about those things. They're just weapons to use against their political rivals. Now that they have the tiny working digits of Donald Trump at their disposal, and wingnut toadies planted in every executive branch agency along with a court packing for the next generation, they are fine with rampant political lawlessness and foreign interference.

They may have to crack some heads before long if the opposition gets restless. But they've got plenty of heavily armed cops who love Dear Leader ready to do what has to be done.