“Workacrosstheaisle” is the Beltway Speakeasy Password

And not just "in the age of Trump".  In fact, the entire Republican party -- the party of the Iraq War Katrina, torture, the Great recession, Birtherism, Death panels, Fake Tea Parties and government shutdowns -- has conducted a decades-long exercise in aggressive violating any concept of "working across the aisle" in the most flagrant and openly seditious ways imaginable.  Hell, Mitch McConnell says it all the time.  He never means it, literally everyone knows he is lying every time he says it, and he acts in violent opposition to it in conceivable way.  But because he incants these Beltway Magic Conjure Words, his ass is as slick with Chuck Todd's lip gloss as anyone's.

"Work across the aisle" is now part and parcel with the Big Lie of Both Sides Do It: a phrase rendered both meaningless and ludicrous by the premeditated vandalism of the Republican party, but you don't get past the Beltway gatekeepers unless you whisper it in their little, furry ears.

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