Who did they think he was?

Who did they think he was?

by digby

This astonished me:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday that he would like to see "less drama" from President Trump and the White House, as well as an "apolitical" choice for the new FBI director. "I think it would be helpful if the president spent more time on things we’re trying to accomplish and less time on other things," McConnell told Bloomberg News. 

Less drama? What does he think this was all about?

Drama is this guy's schtick.

The unctuous creep McConnell also said he support putting Merrick Garland into the FBI. Of course he does. He wants Trump to appoint his successor on the federal bench.

At this point these people have two objectives under Trump: pack the court with wingnuts and get as get as many tax cuts as possible. That way, even if they can't gut every program today they can use the deficits they're creating as an excuse to make Democrats do their dirty work in the future.  Let's hope Democrats don't fall for it.