What you watched on TV yesterday was all fake

What you watched on TV yesterday was all fake

by digby


Earlier today:

'They said they were totally misquoted and totally taken out of context. What I do, I suggested you call them. They said it was fake news, which, frankly, didn't surprise me at all,' Trump told reporters at the White House after being asked if he'd spoken to them about their testimony to a Senate panel earlier this week.

So he called them into the oval office and made them get their picture taken bowing down to Dear Leader. And they did:

Keep in mind that the testimony was on live television. And the report from which they were all reading was submitted to the president before they testified. He admits that he hadn't read it.

 "So I didn't see the report from the intelligence. When you read it, it's a lot different than it was covered on in the news."

I think there's a 100% chance that he still hasn't read it. And he can tell his followers to read it knowing they won't do it either.