We’re All David Sirota Now

So taking a giant, ugly, self-absorbed dump on the cover of Salon did, in fact, succeed in winning for Mr. Sirota his heart's desire:  High-profile attention which (bonus!) press-gangs everyone else into his ego vortex whether they volunteered for the mission or not:

Via Rush Limbaugh:
And, by the way, what is really… It is. It’s hilarious. Here’s this guy; he’s a liberal. He’s wringing his hands. He’s all worried about increased surveillance. He’s all worried about the erosion of civil liberties, and who is it that’s out there demanding more cameras today? Who is it that’s saying cities need more cameras to be able to spy on more people and their activities? It’s Mayor Doomberg, is it not? 
I’m sure every other liberal Democrat politician agrees, and yet these liberal writers at these websites are convinced that it’s still George W. Bush that wants to encroach on their civil liberties and spy on ‘em. So stop and think. By the way, this guy, Sirota? He’s not a lone wolf. I guarantee you that his piece here represents the thinking of about 110% of the American left. “Oh, my God, if it’s anything but a white guy, oh, are we in trouble!”

I wonder if Mr. Sirota's spectacular public bedshitting will in any way affect his new job as Chris Hayes' informal co-host on that awful Obama Apologist Network?

Strangely enough, based on the available track record

I'm guessing the answer is "Not in the slightest".