We Must Be Doing Something Right… by tristero

We Must Be Doing Something Right... 

by tristero..because the NY Times Week in Review is filled with op-eds about how important it is for liberals to tone down their message, moderate their outrage, abandon Pelosi, same-sex marriage, Even the headline for Michelle Goldberg's column screams, "How the Online Left Fuels the Right" (I ain't linking to any this nonsense). And the Times lead editorial is urging a third party for California - a center-right third party. Good luck with that, folks.

But my favorite is on the front page above-the-fold of the print version: "Liberals, You'r Not As Smart as You Think." And y'know something? I actually wasted my time reading the fucking article, thereby proving the author's point. Shame on me. 

But seriously, all these calls to cool it are good news. We're getting under their skin. Time to double down.