“We gutted it”

"We gutted it"

by digby

He loves to talk about "gutting", usually in a literal sense when he luridly describes people being slashed, stabbed, cut etc. He gets very stimulated by it.

But he made a huge mistake yesterday in Nevada using that term in a different context:

It may seem obvious that this is a loser for Trump and new survey results from Peter Hart bear that out. People are particularly upset by the administration's decision not to defend the law's ban on insurance companies discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions.

I think it's quite likely you're going to be seeing that "gutted" comment in some ads this fall.

And once again, I have to wonder about the soulless assholes who clap and cheer for this cretin slamming John McCain and bragging that he has gutted the health care system. Who does that?