Wall-nut in the White House

Wall-nut in the White House

by digby

He used to talk about the Great Wall of China being his inspiration so I suppose this makes some sense to him too.

But this is the wall that he grew up with and is obviously what he's really got in mind:

building it

putting up the barbed wire

I'm serious. Of course this is his image of the wall.  It was "the wall" everyone his age grew up with --- men with guns stationed in watchtowers, shooting people who tried to go over the top. He thinks that's perfectly normal.

He doesn't know that it was built to keep people in. But he probably doesn't have a problem with that either.

Update: Jesus H Christ

DONALD Trump suggested building an enormous wall across the Sahara to solve Europe’s migrant crisis, a Spanish politician has claimed.

Spain's Foreign Minister Josep Borrell, a former President of the European Parliament, said Trump insisted his Mexican barrier idea would work for Europe as well.

Such a wall would probably span about 3,200 miles and, based on the costs of the proposed wall in Mexico, cost around £85billion, involve 90,000 plus workers and take three-and-a-half years to build.

But while these numbers are epic enough, constructing a wall would more likely than face teething problems - not least shoring up its foundations in shifting sands.

The respected Spanish politician did not reveal when the controversial US leader allegedly put forward his radical migration solution.

But diplomatic sources suggested it was in June when he flew to the States in a trip coinciding with the visit to the White House of the Spanish King and Queen.