Viral Product Launch with Launch Effect

Launching a product is a meticulous process, even for us with our ebooks. One thing we can say is that having a mailing list helps a lot. Now, what is this post all about? In this post I will tell you about an awesome product, a WordPress theme called Launch Effect that focuses on helping you gather subscribers so that you can have a viral product launch!

Launch Effect is unlike other WordPress themes. It can act as a blog for your product or as a simple landing page, what’s more is that you can design it to fit your own taste without learning how to code or use Photoshop!

Are you ready for this awesome WordPress theme?

Aim for a Viral Product Launch

There are thousands of great books, plugins, apps, and other products out there that you probably haven’t heard of yet, it’s too hipster but it’s real. If you have a product that you are currently working on, or about to launch, then you might be worried about it not seeing the light of day. In the internet it’s all about marketing. No matter how great your book is, if you don’t market it well enough it won’t take off, and you’ll just be wasting time.

The solution? Aim for a viral launch!

We can’t emphasize building a mailing list enough, so I’ll say it again: start building your mailing list NOW!

“But I need a landing page for that, right?” Right! And you need to make it a GREAT landing page that explains what’s upcoming and why should they give their email addresses to you. You will need to convince them that it’s worth their time, that they REALLY don’t want to miss it!

Two-in-One Solution: Launch Effect

Launch Effect eliminates the need for you to design and code by enabling you to design basically anything with just your mouse. See below for some of the landing pages created using Launch Effect.

View Demo

View Demo

Last August, Launch Effect has hopped in on the Responsive craze so expect the updated versions to be fully responsive. Wow!

If you aren’t sold yet to the idea that having a huge mailing list totally takes the cake for everything, here are some articles and a case study:

Obtain Your Copies of Three Free eBooks and Gift Inside! – here we gave links for free download on Amazon, offered even one more gift which was our video course on how to create animated video previews. After that we politely asked for help to spread the word and show their appreciation that they get all of this valuable stuff completely free. This email got 4,747 opens and 2,413 clicks on links.

Inside Launch Effect

This is basically everything you need to get your landing page ready. Under Designer tab you can change the background color, background image, add tracking codes and different scripts on the header or footer, and adjust font size and stylings. All in one place.

And since Launch Effect is all about viral launches, it has a nifty built-in integration tool for Mailchimp, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, Google Analytics, and Press Trends. This means you won’t find the need to edit any files to add your scripts, API keys, and other things that even I don’t know about. You just simply sign up for Mailchimp or AWeber for your newsletter service, copy and paste a code and head to Launch Effect’s dashboard and you’re set to go! It also has a built-in analytics so that you’ll see right on your dashboard how many and who signed up for your mailing list.

You can also customize your sign-up page easily via the dashboard. You can add videos, privacy policy, labels, and you can also add custom fields that you think would be necessary for your mailing list.

It also has a built-in countdown timer, something that is truly necessary for landing pages.

The great thing about Launch Effect’s team is that they have a great customer support, and that they are actively developing it to suit everyone’s needs.

Minutes Away to an Amazing Landing Page!

Basically it’s just 3 steps to tell the world about what you are building, and it strikes two things at once: you’re making your product known and you’re building up excitement!

  1. An enticing copy that will make visitors want to see your product as soon as possible, making them subscribe to your mailing list.
  2. Tweak the design by clicking and typing just a little bit!
  3. If you have a video introduction, better! A lot of people understand that videos are totally hot, that they really get people’s attention. Since Launch Effect integrates well with embedding videos, you should take the opportunity too!

My rating? It’s totally a must-use WordPress theme if you have a product release coming up soon!

Launch Effect your way to a viral product launch!

If you’re still reluctant, feel free to download and install the free version.