Upon This Rock…

...Republicans built their church.

To win elections, Republicans built themselves a temple of rage and paranoia and racism and a depraved perversion of Christianity.  They did it proudly, loudly and right out in the open where everyone could see.

Now that temple is on fire and some of the cleverer rats are starting to scurry for the doors.  Swearing that nothing all that bad was going on inside the GOP before Trump...or if there was, they personally never knew about it...or if they knew about it, well, so what, because Both Sides are equally terrible.

No sale, fuckers.  I don't know whether you're lying or you're an imbecile, and I don't really care.

You built it, you burn in it.  (Not Safe For Work)

Meanwhile, my birthday-fundraiser continues...

Behold, a Birthday Fundraiser!