Two Moscow nights ...

Two Moscow nights ...

by digby

Yes, he is a reflexive pathological liar but that doesn't mean he never has a reason for lying:

Though Trump reportedly told Comey that he didn't stay overnight in the Russian city, per the director's contemporaneous memos of their private meeting, the flight records and social media posts show that Trump stayed overnight in the city at a hotel.

This development is significant because it undermines Trump's denials that the Russian government has blackmail material on him as mentioned in the Steele dossier, in the form of a video recording of him with prostitutes. The dossier's author, former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, said sources told him that Trump had been videotaped with prostitutes at a hotel while he stayed overnight during the pageant.

Comey's memos of his meetings with Trump in 2017 show that the president was preoccupied with proving these claims false. He claimed it couldnt' be true because he didn't spend the night in Moscow. He even suggested that he might ask Comey to investigate the claims to show that they were untrue, but he never officially made this request.

The records clearly show, Bloomberg reports, that Trump arrived in Moscow on a Friday and didn't leave until Sunday morning.

It's possible that Trump spent not just one but two nights in the hotel on that trip. They left pre-dawn on Sunday according to the Bloomberg report but it's quite possible that he was in the room that night before he left for the airport.

As I said, he lies about everything but it's a mistake to assume every lie is just something he says without any other motivation.