Trump’s top adviser is ... Fox News

Trump's top adviser is ... Fox News

by digby

Before it gets lost in the shuffle of White House gossip from Wolff's new book, it's important to note that President Trump tweeted this insane statement on Tuesday night:

What's weird about it is that the news of Kim's speech where he said he had a button on his desk was given a few days ago. Trump was still playing golf down in Florida but one would have assumed it would be part of his intelligence briefing. So what set him off days later?

Well, this:

That story came at 7:37 pm. Trump's tweet came at 7:49.

Of course that wasn't the only freaky twitter behavior:

The tweet was just one of many inflammatory statements by Trump over a long day of bizarre tweeting that included everything from fanning the flames of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to attempting to take credit for airplanes being safe, calling for the prosecution of a top aide to Hillary Clinton, attacking the new publisher of the New York Times, and plugging Lou Dobbs’s show on the Fox Business Network. Along the way, he also reiterated a New Year’s Day dig at Pakistan. 
It’s a puzzling array of topics that at first glance appears to defy any explanation as a communications strategy or a set of policy priorities.
It's Fox:

Everything from Trump’s alarming suggestion that the Justice Department prosecute former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin to his absurd contention that he deserves credit for an aviation safety streak that dates back to 2009 had its origins in a Fox News segment.

This was supposed to be his first day back at work.  He spent most of it watching Fox News.

Of course he probably had to take his mind off of the Wolff book which he undoubtedly knew was going to be published in excerpts this week.