Trump’s cretinous Ambassador to Germany makes a splash

Trump's cretinous Ambassador to Germany makes a splash

by digby

He might as well have chosen Ann Coulter:

Within hours of assuming his new post Tuesday, [America's new ambassador to Germany] Richard Grenell triggered harsh criticism in this Trump-weary country after appearing to threaten one of the U.S. president’s frequent targets: German businesses.

In a tweet after President Trump’s announcement to leave the Iran nuclear deal, Grenell wrote that “German companies doing business in Iran should wind down operations immediately.” Germany, alongside France and Britain, wants to stick to the deal Trump is seeking to scrap. And while Grenell’s post may not deviate from the official White House stance on future European business dealings with Iran, the timing and tone struck some German politicians, journalists and business executives as offensive and inappropriate.

The remarks, which were widely perceived as a threat here, came only an hour after the U.S. Embassy in Berlin took to Twitter to announce that Grenell had officially arrived in the German capital.

He's known to be an asshole on twitter just like his boss Donald Trump. Mitt Romney fired him for it. Now he's representing the US with one of our closest allies. Well, they used to be anyway. Trump is determined to alienate America from everyone but the worst people on earth.