Trumpies are the “super-elites”?

Trumpies are the "super-elites"?

by digby

He's made this bizarre observation before but it's getting more common on the stump. He said this on Monday night's rally in Indiana:

You know, they talk about the elites. "The elites." Well, I know all the elites. They're not very smart in many cases. They have a lot of hatred in their heart. 
I don't know about you but many of you went to better schools than they did. We did better in the schools than they did. We have better houses, homes, boats. We do better than they do. We work harder than they do. We make more money than they do. 
So why are they called "the elites"? But let's let them be called "the elites," because you, we are the super-elites. We are the super-elites.
He whines constantly about everything but this one is particularly revealing, don't you think?

Obviously, he's got a tremendous sense of insecurity that propels his compulsive lying and bragging. And I get that his followers likewise feel socially insecure. But the way he expresses it in these material terms can't possibly apply to them. They didn't go to the best schools and they don't have more money.

I get why his followers hate elites. And I get why he hates elites. But this is a very weird way of putting it. Especially since he's never thought before that he should identify with his followers (which, I admit, he's not really doing here.)

I’m sitting in an apartment the likes of which nobody’s ever seen. And yet I represent the workers of the world. And they love me and I love them. I think people aspire to do things. And they aspire to watch people. I don’t think they want to see the president carrying his luggage out of Air Force One. And that’s pretty much the way it is.

I noted his a while back:
As Politico pointed out a couple of weeks ago, Trump has been in office for over a year now and he hasn't gone to a baseball game or visited a soup kitchen or dropped in at any local eateries (ones he doesn't own, anyway.)

He has persisted in the habits of a celebrity, positioning himself as someone whose lifestyle is just a bit out of reach. His mingling happens chiefly at his private clubs in Florida, New Jersey and Virginia, where he is not walled off by the Secret Service ...

When he travels it consists of private fundraisers, circumscribed photo-ops or big rallies. He mainly watches Fox News which has turned itself into Trump TV, devoted to serving Trump's ego and pressing his agenda. He doesn't mingle with the hoi polloi if there's any way to avoid it.

He's so strange that I guess it really doesn't matter. There's probably an element of him trying clumsily to identify with the average Joe for political purposes but he's incapable of doing it convincingly.