Trump takes control

Trump takes control

by digby

Trump has discovered his power and he's conducting a purge of his enemies. Finally firing Tillerson is consistent with his recent manic, agitated behavior and reports that he's decided to "go with his gut." As I wrote in this piece last week presidential power is mostly concentrated in foreign policy and national security and (other than expanding the death penalty) that is where Trump has been focused for 30 years. He's going to "make them stop laughing at us."

Today Trump believes that he has single-handed brought North Korea to its knees and that he's about to kick Europe and China's in the teeth. He thinks he has put Canada and Mexico in their places. He is going to withdraw from the Iran deal and then take matters into his own hands in the Middle East.

So get ready. We know McMaster is probably next and the word is that John Bolton is likely to replace him.

We are entering a crucial period. He's the president. Nobody will stop him.