Trump is the Party and the Party is Trump

From me, less than 48 hours after Donald J. Trump announced that he was running for president.
In other words, in order to win elections and rake in vast fortunes, the Conservative brain caste has painstakingly created the perfect feeding-ground for con men and demagogues like Trump, the louder and more bombastic the better. And from David Brooks and the Wall Street Journal and "Meet the Press", to Ann Coulter and the Washington Free Beacon and the Breitbart Collective, in one way or another, virtually everyone in the media makes bank by flattering Conservative meatheads and pandering to their delusions.

They are the GOP's premium leads, but however abundant and renewable a resource the Conservative meatheads may be, come Presidential election time, there is never enough room at the trough for every rapacious Republican hog.  Thisis why every few years we have these Little Red State Fundy moments; that delicate time when the knives come out and the various species of Conservative con men start cutting each other's balls over who gets to pluck the wingnut pigeons...

...while trying desperately not to call attention to the fact that their entire political system depends on pandering to the army of reliably angry, paranoid, racists chumps which the GOP has worked so long and hard to cultivate.

A sample from me over the following weeks, spelling error and all:

Now here is professional CNN pundit Jeffrey Toobin's mournful, stunned revelation less than one week ago:

JEFFREY TOOBIN, CNN CHIEF LEGAL ANALYST: Can I make a suggestion? Maybe the base is much of the United States. Maybe this country is a lot more racist and sexist than we thought. Maybe a lot of people find this -- this allegation preposterous.

DAVID CHALIAN, CNN POLITICAL DIRECTOR: Well, Jeffrey, the president made that point.

TOOBIN: I mean, you know, who won the election? The guy who -- the guy from the "Access Hollywood" tape won the election.
And again:

Holy shit!

Stop the presses and tear out the front page!

The Republican party is full of...Republicans!

Now where is my CNN pundit check?

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