Trump is fulfilling the one campaign promise his voters really care about

Trump is fulfilling the one campaign promise his voters really care about

by digby

You know the one: lock her up

Trump has been blathering on about Hillary Clinton being the "real Russia colluder" for a while now.And the wingnuts in congress are still pushing hard on emails and the Clinton Foundation.

Going after her is obviously going to be their main strategy to keep the angry base in the Trump camp and somehow equalize Trump's criminality. AG Sessions now seems willing to do Trump's bidding so as to save his job and carry out his dream of turning the nation into a 21st century version of the confederacy. He had promised to recuse himself from all Clinton business during his confirmation hearings but he's learned his lesson and now he's more than prepared to be Trump's Roy Cohn.

And there are people in the FBI who are undoubtedly happy to go along. I think we know that despite the protestations of the right wing that the FBI is a hotbed of Clinton worshipers, there are more than a few members who are happy to follow Dear Leader's instructions to lock her up.

Anyway there are now several new "old" Clinton probes in the works at Trump's department of justice since Trump made his demand that they do so. One assumes this is their way of appeasing him. (Who cares if they're persecuting some woman who isn't in politics anymore, amirite? Nobody ever liked her anyway.)

They are going after the emails again and the Clinton Foundation, both of which have been amply investigated and found to have no criminal liability. They are also going hard at the Steele dossier which they are characterizing as a Clinton put-up job to harm Dear Leader.

When we saw this last fall it seemed like just another one of his stunts. (I think maybe we all got a little distracted by the constant sniffing that made him sound like a coke addict.) It's was disgusting that anyone would vote for a man who would behave this way but I suspect nobody thought he'd actually do it.

He's doing it.

And all Clinton has standing between her and more persecution over bullshit is Jeffrey Beauregard Sessions.