Today In Republican Detachment Disorder:  Joe Scarborough

Organisms which live in an ecosystem where there are absolutely zero consequences for being wrong about everything all the time often develop the wildest mutations.

For example, Joe Scarborough:
Here we have Joe Scarborough -- life-long Republican -- chastising those damn East Coast Libtard elites in politics and in the media for not coming to grips fast enough with the fact that Joe Scarborough's Republican Party is a dangerous shitpile of racism, ignorance and paranoia.

And why have those East Coast Libtard elites been so slow to react to this existential threat from Joe Scarborough's Republican Party?

Well perhaps it is because for years those East Coast Libtard elites were stupid enough to trust their East Coast wingnut elite colleagues like Joe Scarborough who told them over and over again that nothing was fundamentally wrong inside the Republican party and that people who were telling them otherwise were wild-eyed, Cheetoh-dust-smeared Liberal alarmists living in their Mommy's basement.

Or to put it another way, the only group which has been consistently right about the Right all along -- those only group which hasn't built wildly profitable careers lying about the Republican Party year after year after year -- are those wild-eyed, Cheetoh-dust-smeared Liberal alarmists.

But you'll never hear the those elite East Coast wingnuts admit it.

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