Today In Both Sides Do It: Reliable Beltway Stalactite Michael Gerson

From the The Washington Post:
America is currently cursed, not only with tribal politics, but with tribal morality. Some liberals tend to minimize or excuse offenses against a few women in the broader cause of women’s rights. What is a politician’s wandering hand in comparison to maintaining legal abortion? Some conservatives tend to minimize or excuse offenses against women in the cause of conservative governance. What are a few old accusations compared to cementing a conservative Supreme Court or passing tax reform?

Both sides...
It has been said that too much Wingnut Welfare leads to slothful, crappy writing.

Which is not to say that to motivate Michael Gerson to write in a less shamelessly dishonest manner he should be pelted with dog poop whenever he shows his face in public.

Because that would be wrong.

So very wrong.

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