Thoughts about Last Night’s VP Debate Moderation

People are falling over each other to praise Martha Raddatz for the job she did moderating the VP debate last night, and she certainly didn't embarrass herself like Jim Lehrer did… but I take issue with the bias implied in some of her questions.

For example, she prefaced one question by saying "Both Medicare and Social Security are going broke…"

Shame on her. Social Security and Medicare are in NO sense going broke. And all that would be required to make Social Security solvent indefinitely into the future is raising the cap on payroll taxes. And I wish Joe had pushed back stronger against that false premise.

Another false premise was about Iran "because there's really no bigger national security…" - and she was talked over by Ryan at this point, falling over himself agreeing with her, so we don't know if she was going to say "concern" or "threat"… or what.

Iran isn't a threat to the US. Any more than Iraq was. It'd be a plausible threat to the region - aside from the fact that we've got military bases surrounding it on pretty much every side. A nuclear Pakistan and a nuclear North Korea, both which NOW exist, are easily equally big "concerns" or "threats". The world is a dangerous place. But Iran isn't any more worrisome than those other rogue nations.

Finally, Martha Raddatz even framed her abortion question as an issue of faith - rather than an issue of rights.

I think all of these are examples of a moderator putting her thumb on the scale in favor of right-wing frames and ideology.