This Week On “Tone Cop!”:  Michael Gerson

Once again, America's Truest True Conservative -- former George W. Bush chief speechwriter, senior Republican policy adviser and reliable Beltway Republican stalactite, Michael Gerson -- uses his subsidized media platform to hand out a blizzard of "Both Siderist" parking tickets to mouthy Liberals who make him feel uncomfortable.
Democrats are playing with fire

One measure of the effectiveness of a political movement is how it changes its opposition. And President Trump is in the process of driving portions of his Democratic opposition insane...
Which might just remind some of you longer-term readers of this quote from 16 years ago from Michael Gerson's spirit animal, David Fucking Brooks:
The Pelosi Democrats

Are they going to become the stupid party?

ARE THE DEMOCRATS about to go insane? Are they about to decide that the reason they lost the 2002 election is that they didn't say what they really believe? Are they about to go into Paul Krugman-land, lambasting tax cuts, savaging Bush as a tool of the corporate bosses? Are they about to go off on a jag that will ensure them permanent minority status in every state from North Carolina to Arizona?...

Because tone-policing has always been the weapon of choice of the Serious and Respected Beltway Republican goon whenever the Left starts to effectively punch back against the constant and ever-escalating barrage of seditious lunacy and racist bile from the Right.

Returning to the present, Mr. Gerson continues:
Hillary Clinton — whose warmth, integrity and down-to-earth style were the largest reasons for Trump’s election — has now publicly turned against civility. “You cannot be civil,” she explains, “with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about.”
No, Hillary Clinton is recognizing -- just like Roosevelt or Reagan -- that America faces an enemy which regards civility -- and civilization -- as a weakness.  And -- just like Lincoln -- she is facing the grim fact that this enemy is within our borders and made up of our fellow citizens.

Gerson continues:
But is ethno-nationalist populism effectively fought with intemperate language, lame symbolism and pathetic nostalgia for the summer of ’68? Do Democrats really want to run Eugene McCarthy against Trump?
I'm sure this sounded clever in Mr. Gerson's head.  Just like the "smoking gun/mushroom cloud" lie he deployed to help George W. Bush lie us into the wrong war.  But honestly, here on the page, all it does is lead me to wonder how your super-awesome True Conservative action plan of spending 25 years social climbing, ass-kissing, bible-thumping, impotent finger-wagging and self-absolving hectoring about Both Side is working out for you? 

Specifically, I'm wondering how the fuck it became the Democrats job to round up your fucking mad dogs like Limbaugh and Hannity and Ingraham and Gingrich and Ryan and McConnell and put them back in the box?  Why isn't policing the toxic Republican shitpile you created your fucking job? 

Gerson tosses a big slab of Both Siderism on the fire:
This may be fighting fire with fire, but it is also playing with fire. ...When both parties regard electoral losses as indications of electoral fraud and theft, our nation will enter a new stage of fragility. It will become easier to surrender to the irrational, to practice harassment and humiliation, and to turn to verbal and physical violence.
This right here should have gotten Mr. Gerson fired.  It won't because the WaPo doesn't really give a shit when its GOP op-ed goons lie, but it should.  Because even Michael Gerson damn well knows that Republican complaints about Democrats "electoral fraud and theft" are fairy tales invented to rile up the party's reprogrammable meathead base --
-- while even as I write this, Mr. Gerson's Republican Party is engaged in actual, real, verifiable, wide-spread voter suppression.

Gerson finally limps his leaky garbage scow into port:
Some rising Democrat needs to study up on President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, and Gov. Bob Casey Sr. and Prime Minister Tony Blair. To eventually beat Trump, liberals must remaster the language of unity and hope.
Now, some rising Democrat should strap Mr. Gerson to a gurney and force him to listen to some of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's greatest hits:

"They had begun to consider the Government of the United States as a mere appendage to their own affairs. We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob.

"Never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me—and I welcome their hatred."

Or maybe Mr. Gerson could just Shut Up and Sing:..

Hey, perhaps some rising Democrat could take it upon themselves to teach Mr. Gerson our Tone Cop! theme song?
The tone police
They live on cable teevee
The tone police
They're paid to shush and decree
The tone police
They're coming to denounce me
Oh no...

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