This is your brain on Fox News

This is your brain on Fox News

by digby

For those who aren't on twitter, here is your president today, via Hunter at Daily Kos:

Well, Trump is on a tear again. And it's the fault of the New York Times, which he doesn't read and is dumb and stupid and shut up.

It seems instructive that Donald Trump, walking garbage fire and man at the center of numerous investigations into potentially illegal acts he has undertaken both as candidate and pretzeldent, considers John Dean a "RAT.". We should probably make a note of that.

This is what happens when grandpa spends all his days watching Fox News. His cabinet has been roiled by scandal and resignations to an extent not seen since the Watergate days, but since Fox News doesn't cover it he doesn't remember it's happening. Instead, Something Something Witch Hunt.

Ah yes, the raging incompetent's favorite lie: What My Invisible Friends Are Saying. The odds that reporters have been calling Biff here to apologize for writing stories about his crimez is approximately zero. The odds that Donald spends hours of each day imagining this happening, however, are considerably higher.

Donald Trump has in his hand a list of reporters who are very ashamed that they are writing stories about him, and if you don't believe him you're like Joe McCarthy.

This man has been at the center of American politics since 2015.  Will we ever be able to recover?