Think of all the underage girls he didn’t molest!

Think of all the underage girls he didn't molest!

by digby

Speaking of cretinism:

Jane Porter, a spokeswoman for embattled Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, told CNN on Tuesday that she doesn't believe the women accusing the Alabaman of sexual misconduct — and that she doesn't understand why people weren't focusing on the many women who haven't accused him of similar misdeeds.

She's talking about the numerous underage girls he stalked and pursued who don't claim that he assaulted them in the front seat of their cars or tried to "seduce" them in his underwear. They just said he took them on dates and kissed them when he was a 30 something District Attorney. Now he says he doesn't know any of them. So, it's all good according to this woman.

And this reprehensible, lying,right wing, hypocrite also said this:

"Congratulations on your unborn child. That's the reason why I came down as a volunteer to speak for Judge Roy Moore, 'cause he'll stand for the rights of babies like yours in the womb, where his opponent will support killing them up until the moment of birth," Porter told Harlow.

I won't write down all the words that flowed through by mind when I read this. I hope Poppy told her off air to STFU about her pregnancy that it's none of her damned business. How dare this disgusting apologist for underage molestation and sexual assault talk about "the rights" of children. These people ...