They’re coming for Ryan

They're coming for Ryan
by digby


JORDAN: "Of course he’s got problems, but the key is let’s see what happens next in ..."

WALLACE: "You say he’s got problems Congressman, is it time for a change?" JORDAN: "Ah well look we’ll have that debate at the appropriate time, you asked me if he has—if there’s concerns with the Speaker, I think there are big concerns because he just presided over one of the biggest spending increases in the history of this country in a time where we were elected to do just the opposite.

These are the people who just passed a gigantic tax cut for the wealthy and corporation which they insisted was going to actually bring in vast sums more money because of the increased growth. That's what they said. The entire party went into euphoric, orgiastic mass fugue state when it passed as if it was the end of history itself. Now these same people are whining about spending.
I suppose that's consistent if they are honest about their real philosophy which is the cramped, ugly vision of Ayn Rand and her sophomoric worship of manly millionaires and the hot sexy ladies who love them.

Ryan loves Rand too and is playing a longer game even if Jim Jordan, one of the thickest members of the Freedom Caucus, doesn't understand the strategy. As soon as the Democrats are back in charge they will haul out their old arguments about "debt" and very sincerely tell everyone in America that this is the real problem. This is what they do. It's what they've always done. And they will do it with or without Ryan.

*standard disclaimer: assuming we survive Trump which is not guaranteed by any means.