They aren’t just running on racism. Misogyny is on the menu too.

They aren't just running on racism. Misogyny is on the menu too.

by digby

The whole Kavanaugh mess was a slam on feminism. The way they behaved with feral, macho anger showed that in living color. Rape victims were portrayed as an "angry mob." Having the temerity to stand up against a man who would set back women's rights a hundre years if he had the chance made them act crazy.

That over-the-top response to women's anger is the way abusers manipulate women.

That's not all. Here we have Heidi Heitcamp's opponent scolding Democratic congressional women for wearing white to Trump's State of the Union --- because associating with the suffragists is very bad.

This is, of course, part and parcel of the campaign against Heitkamp for voting against Kavanaugh and, let's face it, having the temerity to be a feminist. That's just not ok.

Republicans are fine with women in politics as long as they don't advocate for women's rights. Good girls who will uphold the status quo are welcome.

Here's how it's supposed to be done ladies: