The White House press office merges with Infowars

The White House press office merges with Infowars

by digby

CNN's Jim Acosta was told to turn in his press pass. He's no longer allowed on the White House grounds:

The video embedded in her tweet is sped up to make it seem as if Jim Acosta is “karate chopping” the woman’s arm as she reaches for the microphone.

Guess where Huckabee Sanders' clip came from?

On the first day after the midterms, Trump held a rambling press conference in which he acted as if he was drugs. (Nothing particularly uniques about that ...) Then he fired Jeff sessions and appointed an unqualified toady who auditioned for him on CNN by trashing the Mueller investigation as the Attorney general of the United States.

And later that night his press secretary banned a White House reporter and tweeted out an Alex Jones doctored video to justify it.

It's still only Thursday.

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