The toddler president lost one of his nannies

The toddler president lost one of his nannies

by digby

Every day that Trump's enablers in the administration and the congress along with the tens of millions of voters who think this stuff is ok they reveal their fundamental corruption:

efore he left the White House, former National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn would withhold jobs report data from President Trump until shortly before their release because he was worried the president couldn’t help but say something about them.

It’s now easy to see why he did this. I wrote at some length on Friday about Trump’s extraordinary tweet an hour before the May jobs report suggesting that he was “looking forward” to the numbers, which turned out to handily beat expectations. Markets jumped on Trump’s tweet, which pushed right up to the line (and perhaps beyond) of rules forbidding federal officials from saying anything about the data until an hour AFTER its release.

Current NEC Director Larry Kudlow followed the usual protocol in calling Trump on Air Force One on Thursday and gave him Friday’s figures. Kudlow did nothing wrong here. But Trump did, even if it wasn’t a direct disclosure of the numbers.

He’s now created a scenario in which traders will be looking for Trump tweets each jobs Friday. Does no tweet mean a bad number is coming? He’s inserted a new variable where none should exist.

And he’s raised the question of whether he’s dishing on the numbers in his regular late night calls to friends from the White House. And if he is, what are those friends doing with the numbers?

He wouldn't do that would he?

Nah. He's honest as the day is long.