The Spleenwald Grift Never Changes

Before Trump, Both Sides are equally stomp the Dems

After Trump, Both Sides are equally stomp the Dems.
Of course, the fact that the differences between America's two major political parties has rarely been more stark and clear --
No Republicans support Senate bill that would stop child separations at border 
Pushing back on Trump, all Senate Democrats now back bill to stop family separations
-- doesn't slow Mr. Greenwald's bullshit machine in the slightest, because like most armchair Lenins, Mr. Greenwald never had any intention of letting the chaos and pain unleashed by his "Disrupt!  Overthrow the Corrupt Duopoly!" bullshit affect him personally. 

Mr. Greenwald rests comfortably atop a mountain of Pete Omidyar's money and has a permanent invitation to this racist clown's prime-time teevee atrocity --
Were I a better man, I would heroically refrain from saying "I told you so over and over again".

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