The president self-soothes with wingnut memes

The president self-soothes with wingnut memes

by digby

What's that about, you ask? Josh Marshall has the answer:

While the tweet seems bizarre on its face, it seems to be related to a picture circulating everywhere from Mike Huckabee’s Twitter account to Roger Stone Jr.’s Instagram to the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer.

The president's mental state is clearly disintegrating and he's calming himself with far-right memes.

Here are some other examples from this morning. The first is from a parody account.

That last is a real doozy coming from the President of the United States, isn't it?

People may dismiss this as Tump just acting like the puerile embarrassment he is. But this is bad even for him. He sent out a tweet to 55 million people that these people committed treason.

Remember people. 40% of the country is fine with this. At least 30% actively love it. They are all adults who have a severe lack of character.  They could elect this guy to another term if they manage to manipulate the system successfully. It's tilted in their favor.

Two more years of this lunacy ... at a minimum.