The Dred Scott award for revealing Supreme Court Justice statements

The Dred Scott award for revealing Supreme Court Justice statements

by digby

And the winner is .... Uncle Nino:

Justice Antonin Scalia this week escalated his criticism of the Voting Rights Act ahead of a Supreme Court decision expected within the next two months — raising the likelihood that he and perhaps a majority of justices will overturn the landmark law.

Speaking on Monday night at the University of California’s Washington Center, in D.C, Scalia described a centerpiece of the 1965 law as an “embedded” form of “racial preferment,” in remarks captured by the Wall Street Journal. He reportedly warned that the law would be reauthorized into perpetuity unless the courts invalidate it.
During oral arguments in the case, Shelby County v. Holder, in late February, Scalia said that portion of the law — and its repeated renewal by Congress — reflects a “perpetuation of racial entitlement.” The other conservatives justices were also deeply skeptical that Section 5 of the law remains valid given the changing times.

"Racial preferment", "racial entitlement" c'mon say what you really mean:
On Monday, Scalia also characterized the law as unfair because federal law doesn’t make similar efforts to protect whites from racial discrimination, according to the Journal.
I saw that Andrew Sullivan commented the other day that he's noticing conservatives adopting the liberal habit of victimization. (I know, I know ...) Evidently he has never noticed the scourge of discrimination across this land against white people. It's a huge problem. We must work to make things right.