The crazy is starting to stick

The crazy is starting to stick

by digby

New polling:

Donald Trump’s dealings with Vladimir Putin, his handling of immigration and the separation of children from their families, and the impact of his trade war have stuck with voters in a way nothing else has since the beginning of his presidency and greatly imperil Republican chances in November. In response to an open-ended question, voters volunteer in large numbers concerns about these issues, showing the remarkable saliency the recent negative actions by the Trump administration have had. This translates into the worst ratings for Trump on his truthfulness, temperament, dealings with Russia, and immigration policies we have not seen in any of our eleven previous national tracking surveys on the Trump presidency.

Aspects of the economy are significant vulnerabilities for Trump. Only 35% say that Trump’s economic policies are good for people like them, and only 33% report a favorable opinion of the Trump-Republican tax bill. By 47% to 22%, voters say things are getting worse rather than better in terms of wages keeping up with the cost of living – a significantly more negative result than our February measurement. By a 20-point margin, voters say increases in the cost of living have outstripped any tax cut they may have received. Trump continues to be identified in voters’ minds as looking out for the interests of wealthy people and big corporations rather than the interests of regular people. Despite Trump’s bragging, our poll finds that President Trump’s economic record falls far short as a counterweight to all of the other negative impressions that surround him.

The survey results identify many opportunities for Democrats and progressives to reinforce voters’ growing concerns about Trump, including among a key group of Trump voters whose current support for him is weak. Especially important in this regard is the record of Donald Trump and the Republicans in giving large tax cuts to drug companies and health insurance companies while allowing them to raise drug prices and insurance premiums without any limits. Unlike Russia and immigration, voters won’t hear about this as much in the press, meaning Democrats must continue to carry the message in paid media and on the campaign trail.

There is more. It sounds to me as if a critical mass of people have recognized that Trump is not getting any better. He is getting worse.