The comedian in chief

The comedian in chief

by digby

He's not funny. But he thinks he is ...

"We are proudly giving our troops the biggest pay increase in a decade, and I know you don't want it because you're very patriotic. Just save the money, got to pay down debt. Does anybody not want it? Please raise your hand."

"What's going on here? Are these real patriots? I don't know, general, I don't know."


For those of you who don't live in my personal internet hellscape, here are some comments from people who watched that speech on Youtube:

Our President impresses me all the time by rambling off names of people, like he knows them personally, never needing a document to refer to...a true patriot, one of "we the people". I never trusted any other President before, except Kennedy, but I was in the fourth grade at the time....I thank God for President Trump. It is not politics as usual, things will be turned around to benefit all of us by stopping the corruption that went on for decades.

Every time I turn around, he is speaking somewhere letting us know what he is doing, I have never seen so much transparency by another president, never seen another president work so hard and long for us....You make me proud to be an American, sometimes bringing tears to my eyes.....I want to thank you President Trump, thank you! OOOXXX

The reason some people do not believe our president's words is because we have been lied to for so long, that they are unable to trust a true patriot when he is standing tall.....totally understandable, but have faith, truth will win!

President Trump wasn't originally my first choice for president, but I thank God daily that he was elected and for the expectation surpassing job that he has already done. In spite of 100% opposition from the democrats, added opposition from republicans, and unrelenting negativity and lies from the mainstream media, the entire situation in the US has turned around to the positive. America is truly being made great again!

I'm not letting him off the hook until he punishes Omarosa. This kind of dissent towards the highest administration should not be tolerated by any government of any country especially the United States Government.

President Trump isn't just playing the role of president, Donald J Trump is the best President the United States has ever had!!!!! Thank You Mr Donald J Trump!!!!!!

If the deep state tries to take this great Pres. down THERE WILL BE CIVIL WAR!! We the PEOPLE will rise up!! I can feel it.

When these players take a knee. IT pisses me off when I was 18 yrs. and fighting for my life and brothers lives and watched my brothers hauled out of Vietnam hanging from the belly of a Huey by their boots not in body bags yet.

WOW I see we still have the #HatefulLeft With Us. Thank Q Lastest World News Updates for your work

Love this President of the greatest the world has ever produced

Canada thanks God that the U.S. are our neighbors. We will vote Justin the soy boy out as soon as we can and be a strong partner for democracy, capitalism and a western culture way of life.

Obummer made a lot of cuts to the military because he was not patriotic and didn't care for our troops !!! Thank God President Trump is bringing it back up !!!!!

and the OFFICE

Maybe democracy isn't such a good idea after all ...

By the way, the bill he signed after he gave that absurd speech was called the John McCain Defense Authorization Bill. He never mentioned his name.

And he has the gall to call someone else a lowlife...