The Art of the Deal

What neither the Right nor the Beltway media seem to understand is that we here on the Left are not exactly quaking in our boots at the thought of re-litigating the Clinton Era.

In fact, quite the opposite.  We would be delighted to both revisit the Clinton Era in it's entirely, and apply the exactly the same standards to President Stupid that the GOP insisted be applied to President Clinton.  Namely, that any crackpot rumor from any source no matter how clearly partisan and sketchy is grounds to trigger a fully Congressional investigation, complete with subpoena power and public hearings.  That a Special Prosecutor be appointed and if that Special Prosecutor comes back with a conclusion that we don't like, then we can invoke the Fiske Rule and appoint an openly partisan hit-man who will just keep trawling for wrongdoing until he finds something or provokes something.

None of which the Right apparently remembers, even though on the Right, the Clinton Era never ended.  

They have built whole castles and condos and strip malls in the air out of their various warped and wishful fairy tales about that time.  And now that they completely brain dead and have absolutely no true memory of what the actual Clinton Administration  (or the Dubya Administration, or the Obama Administration) was actually like, I'm quite sure they believe that "re-litigating" that period in our history would be nothing more than them regurgitating their favorite crackpot, long-debunked conspiracies into one, big, gooey, public pile around which they would dance their Dance of Triumph while we Libtards curled up and cried.


You wanna drag the last quarter century -- from Gingrich and Limbaugh to Trump and Brietbart -- into the public dock?  On a level playing field?  Where each side gets to wield the same set of cutlery using the same standards and rules?

Bring in on, baby.

Bring.  It.  On.

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