That was the week that was

That was the week that was

by digby

The week in fail:

And that's not all. As Tom Tomorrow writes:

This is by no means intended as a comprehensive overview. From the citizen detectives of Reddit to Pete King's remarks on immigration reform, there was a lot more #fail last week than I could ever fit in a single cartoon.

This article in the NY Times on the CNN debacle last week is also informative and reflects my own early whine about really wanting a good CNN when braking news happens. I am happy that MSNBC has become a home for (mostly) left leaning opinion and analysis, something that's been lacking for a long while. And some of the shows did an admirable job of covering the breaking news and putting it into some perspective. But I think we still need a credible 24 hour news network so I'm not crowing about CNN's terrible week. It makes me sad.