Thanks Republican women!

Thanks Republican women!

by digby

I don't know where this might be playing but it's pretty powerful:

Kavanaugh will probably end up on the court, although anything can happen. (Collins and Murkowski gave away the game when they strong-armed Ford by saying they'd vote to confirm if she doesn't testify on Monday.)

It's just another insult to women --- for which we can thank white (is there any other kind?) Republican women. Their numbers are shrinking, by the way.

If Democrats retake control of Congress in November, it will be in part due to their strength with young women.

A new survey from the Pew Research Center finds young women — between the ages of 18 and 34 — far and away prefer the Democratic congressional candidate in their districts. Their preference for Democrats is significantly higher than that of women of other age groups.

Women overall are likely to lean blue, with 54 percent supporting or leaning toward the Democratic candidate in their district this fall, versus 38 percent who favor the Republican candidate. But 68 percent of young women are choosing Democrats, compared to 24 percent who prefer Republicans.

Younger men, meanwhile, give Republican candidates the slight edge.

I wonder why?