“Thank me for making the sun come up this morning”

"Thank me for making the sun come up this morning"

by digby

There is nothing he won't take credit for.

I think the obnoxious, dishonest bragging is the single characteristic I find most unbearable about listening to him. (The blaming and whining is a close second.) Bragging about things he had nothing to do with and the inane assertions of his own brilliance and prowess go way beyond the current cultural demands for self-promotion. It reaches a level of such extreme delusion that it makes me feel as if I'm losing my mind. It's way beyond gaslighting. It's a straight up dominance play --- "I'm blatantly lying and cheating and there's nothing you can do about it."

Five plus years of this are going to have an extreme effect on our culture, I'm afraid. I worry about the lingering effects of such a powerfully ignorant, narcissistic, phony constantly being in our faces for years on end. Unless he is brought low and completely repudiated, I can't see how the negative consequences of his overwhelming daily presence in our national consciousness won't be profound.