Sunday Morning Comin’ Down

If it's Sunday, you can be sure the front-office employees of best Beltway media that billion-dollar corporations can buy were out doing what they do best.

Lying about the Obama Administration in order to prop up their sacred Both Siderist fairy tale:

Unironically giving Kellyanne Conway -- who long ago established herself as a toxic and pathological liar -- a national media platform on a show called "Reliable Sources" to blithely smirk and lie and lie and lie while the host impotently stuttered "yeah, but...", "yeah, but...". "yeah, but..."...

...and then offering her a job as a producer on CNN:
And blocking lil' old me --

-- for the unforgivable offense of pointing out that, before he began making a living at NBC by ripping off the Liberal's critique of Crazy Right, Charlie Sykes spent decades making his living by building the Crazy Right and slandering the very Liberals who he now rips off:

Funny old world.

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