“States’ Rights” neo-confederates show their stripes

"States' Rights" neo-confederates show their stripes

by digby

It was always obvious that the confederate "States' Rights" fetish was just an excuse to discriminate against black people. We knew that. And there was nobody who was more of a staunch defender of states' rights than Jefferson Beauregard Sessions.

Now that he has the federal government at his disposal to enforce his own beliefs, he sees things differently:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions suggested in a press conference on Wedenesday that the Department of Justice is looking at changing Obama-era policies that allowed states to decide what to do about marijuana despite the drug remaining illegal under federal law, according to McClatchy DC.

He said: 
"In fact, we're looking at that very hard right now, we had a meeting yesterday and talked about it at some length. It's my view that the use of marijuana is detrimental, and we should not give encouragement in any way to it, and it represents a federal violation, which is in the law and is subject to being enforced."

He's always said that "good people" don't smoke pot.  So he's just going after the "bad people." 

He may be surprised at how many of these "bad people" are also Trump voters. Pot isn't partisan, not anymore.