“Stamina and strength”

"Stamina and strength"

by digby

Every woman leader has brain damage as far as they are concerned:

Pelosi suffers face spasms, says wrong words during brief appearance

But here's their stable genius Dear Leader:

We did the tax cuts. We thought you’d have to wait until February. But you started seeing them very early because hundreds and even, actually, thousands of companies were giving massive numbers of whatever you want to call it.

What would you call it, Mike? The thousands of dollars; what would you call that? We can’t say it’s a gift because they’re workers. We can’t say it’s a tax because it’s not a tax. But they were getting a lot of money and every — I mean so many — and a lot of companies didn’t want to do it and the people working for the companies said, “What about us?” And they did it. They had no choice.

The word he was looking for was "bonus".

How about this:

But hey, he's a virile man with huge hands so there's no need to concern ourselves with his mental state.