Speaker Quisling Calls It Quits

Having conspicuously failed at every single one of his moral and constitutional obligations, blown a multi-trillion dollar hole in the budget to hand his paymasters a gargantuan tax cut and made his name synonymous with "spineless doormat", today House Speaker and former P90-X pitchman Paul Ryan let it be know that he will not be seeking re-election.
House Speaker Paul Ryan won't seek re-election
From the beginning of the Stupid Administration, Ryan was on his heels, trying frantically to duck, weasel and and flat-our lie his way to safety, but inevitably the political ground he tried to stake out -- too much of a squeamish, reluctant co-conspirator to be trusted by the true believing brown-shirts who run the Republican Party, and too much of a naked opportunist and gutless capitulator to be trusted by anyone else --  has became his political grave.

At the moment I have nothing more to add to the political obituary of this despicable man except to repeat what I wrote about him last year ("Better Capitulate Than Never"):
...And so, arrogantly heedless of the same lesson history has taught about tyrants over and over again, and desperate to deliver massive tax cuts to his plutocrat sponsors and a knockout punch to America's already frayed and underfunded social safety net, Paul Ryan went right on ahead and did the one thing Churchill said that one should never, ever do with a crocodile:
"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."

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