Sorry, folks… by tristero

Sorry, folks... 

by tristero..but whether or not you're for impeachment, he ain't goin' nowhere:

...[Among Trump supporters] the outrage is that Mr. Trump is again being held to an unfair standard set by the very people and institutions that tried to stop his election in the first place: Democrats, resentful Republicans and, perhaps most of all, the news media.
And while Trump supporters may be a minority, they are the only people who matter. Here's why:
Eighty-six percent to 13%, those who identify as Republicans or as independents who lean Republican have a favorable view of Trump, the Pew survey found.
And why does this matter? Because as you might recall, Republicans have locked down the entire federal government, that's why. Add in that Republican congress critters are way less popular than Trump:
Asked who they would trust if the two sides disagreed, 52% of Republicans said they would side with Trump and 34% with the Republicans in Congress.
...and he's goin' nowhere. There's is a tremendous incentive for Republicans to let Trump be Trump.

As for a serious investigation into collusion with Russia... puhleeeze.