So much winning

So much winning

by digby

Wild route to victory:

Trump has always crushed convention and been ready to step on racial, cultural and behavioral taboos, evidenced in his response for instance to Charlottesville riots and willingness to exploit foreign terror attacks to push his immigration policies. In many ways his spurning of political correctness has been key to his appeal. But some close observers of the President say they believe he has become even more unmoored in recent weeks.

"Something is unleashed with him lately," said New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, who wrote about Trump's return to Birther conspiracy theories in on Wednesday morning.

"I don't know what is causing it, I don't know how to describe it," said Haberman, who is also a CNN contributor.
Whatever is causing it, some of Trump's fellow Republicans are worried about the detrimental effect of his behavior.
"I think it's risky," South Dakota Sen. John Thune told CNN's Dana Bash on Wednesday.

"In light of what's going on in the world right now, and things that we're trying to accomplish, and the threats and the adversaries that we face, I think it's important that our leader, our commander in chief, set the kind of tone that's measured," Thune said.

Sounds right. It's good they're noticing. Except:

In some ways, Trump's latest wild behavior turn gives Republicans yet another problem.

GOP senators will shortly vote on a tax reform bill that if it passes will give Trump a long awaited victory.
But that win will also bolster his prestige and power as President, leaving some to question whether the likes of Flake and Corker are putting principled objections to Trump's leadership aside for their own political reasons.

Ya think?

They are about to give him all the validation and encouragement he could ever hope for to let his monumental freak flag fly.

I an imagine that some of them might think that passing the tax atrocity will take some of the air out of Steve Bannon's primary campaign against "the swamp." But that's wishful thinking. Bannon doesn't care about "getting things done" and Trump's followers don't make fine distinctions. If they want to appease those people they are going to have to go full Orrin Hatch and say Trump is one of the best presidents he's ever served under.

No really, he said that. A US Senator said he "serves under" the president.

Good boy Orrin! Here's a treat: