She’s running

She's running

by digby

I'm talking about Liz Cheney.

Dick Cheney isn’t just hitting the big screen these days. If you listen closely, you’ll hear his voice, or at least his neocon ideology, speaking through most House Republicans. Look closely, you’ll see him too.

On Wednesday, the former-Vice President was on Capitol Hill rocking a cowboy hat as he arrived to watch his daughter, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), follow in his footsteps as she was formally propelled by her Republican peers into her party’s coveted leadership ranks.

While the younger Cheney had only just won reelection to her second term in a chamber brimming with power hungry, Type A politicos, she has now landed the same No. 3 position in House Republican leadership that paved the way for her father’s eventual rise into the White House. Many in the Capitol have been stunned by history’s repetition.
Cheney is replacing Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) in her new role as GOP conference chair. One of the formal duties of the position is to feed other Republicans talking points so that the party can present a unified front when its lawmakers fan out of Washington and sell their agenda to voters in disparate regions of the nation.

Rodgers is respected by many in the party, but her quiet and soft spoken nature isn’t what members are looking for now that they lost the House. And, unlike her father, no one’s ever accused Liz Cheney of being soft in tone, let alone content. She made a name for herself in conservative living rooms across the nation as a former Fox News bomb thrower who used the outlet as a platform to smear former President Obama as a pathological liar whose policies aided terrorists and endangered American troops. She’s now fully prepared to use that sharp-elbowed approach inside the Capitol.

Why anyone is surprised by this is a mystery to me. I have said for years that she was dangerous and dripping in ambition. She'll run for president the first chance she gets, no doubt in my mind.