Seriously, What’s Wrong With These People? by tristero

Seriously, What's Wrong With These People? 

by tristero

Sinclair chairman broke restraining order and allegedly threatened a neighbor. 

The executive chairman of the Sinclair television group has run into trouble at courts in two states for his alleged conduct during disputes with neighbours. 
David D Smith was temporarily barred from contacting a tenant on land that he owns in Maryland after he was accused of making threats, which he denies. He was separately found in contempt of court by a judge in Maine for breaching a restraining order. 
Smith, 67, chairs the board of Sinclair Broadcasting, whose ownership of local television stations around the US has this week come under renewed scrutiny after many of its presenters read from identical scripts echoing Donald Trump’s attacks on the news media.

I really don't know how people can tolerate living like this, in constant conflict with the world. It seems such a deeply bleak and limited and depressing existence.

But I guess Smith likes it.