Remember when Rudy Giuliani was the GOP frontrunner for almost a year?

Tune out the horse race for at least six months

by digby

In case you are tempted to get as worked up about the Democratic Primary horse race as the cable news networks are, keep this in mind. The Washington Post's Philip Bump is doing a day by day comparison of the race with past races and this is interesting:

2008 Democrats: Clinton led by 12.3 points. She led for another 337 days. 
2008 Republicans: Giuliani leads by 16.4 points. He led for another 300 days. 
2012 Republicans: Romney leads by 8.8 points. He led for another 162 days. 
2016 Democrats: Clinton led by 53.3 points. She led for the rest of the primary. 
2016 Republicans: Walker leads by 0.4 points. He led for another 0 days.

I'll bet you didn't even remember that Giuiani was the big GOP frontrunner for almost a year did you? Let's just say that it's way too early to know anything and leave it at that.

I don't know about you, but I'm willing to let this unfold. There are a number of good candidates and a lot of issues are being tackled and debated. This is healthy. Conventional wisdom about who can "win" is never as stupid as it is at this point in an election cycle. Tune it out.