QOTD: Corey Robin on what happens when liberals forget to be liberal

QOTD: Corey Robin

by digby

Liberals often have a difficult time making sense of these [anti-tax] movements – don’t taxes support good things? – because they don’t see how little the American state directly provides to its citizens, relative to their economic circumstances. Since the early 1970s, with a few brief exceptions, workers’ wages have stagnated. What has the state offered in response? Public transport is virtually non-existent. Even with Obama’s reforms, the state does not provide healthcare or insurance to most people. Outside wealthy communities, state schools often fail to deliver a real education. In such circumstances, is it any wonder ordinary citizens want their taxes cut? That at least is change they can believe in.

He's got a point.

I'd also like to give a shout out to the liberal media for its relentless "fleecing of America" stories that give the impression that the government is only wasting the people's hard earned money. Very helpful.

Meanwhile, as we watch CNN self-immolate on the air, I think this wrap-up by brooklynbadboy sums up what's happening in the beltway pretty well:

Okay, so the White House is now facing imminent defeat in the Democratically controlled Senate on legislation the President has staked a huge amount of his political capital. This is the first time I've seen a 90% approval issue fail. Combine that with no movement on important judicial and executive branch nominations. So far we've seen a stupid $1 trillion dollar discretionary spending cut we were told was never going to happen, happen. And of course we've witnessed the political mess of the White House winning the worst kind of friends by attacking Social Security and making enemies of damn near everyone else.

We're seeing stagnant workforce numbers, with still record numbers leaving the labor force, even more with some of the crappiest jobs imaginable, and even more stuck in the mud with few upside prospects. Not to mention austerity economics coming from both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. And as a result, the president's popularity is falling underwater and people still feel the country is careening.

If there's at least one possible glimmer of win on the horizon, perhaps it is on immigration reform, but I'm not hopeful. The House is already talking about breaking up the bill. Considering this White House will always fight for any sort of line they can sign no matter how miniscule, I suspect by the time we get to the end of that process we will have possibly some watered down Dream Act and some extra money for border drones. That's bout it.